This is The Wood Master

 We  are a company that is involve in production and supplier of wood products through out the world for years now,our job is not just to produce and supply we offer more than that,.

About US

Located in Chernihiv Region of Ukraine, We are a young fast growing wood industry, we have been operating in the field of wood production and supplier and even import of other wood species for same years.

We are a family  oriented company and with the full structure management body, own not by a single person, but by a group of directors.  The company was founded in 2010 but officially became a Ukraine base company in 2018.

We are proud of our experience and our handling process, we see ourselves broken barriers especially, during this era of  pandemic (Covid 19). This has straighten us and make us more stronger to face the future with 100% certainty.

We are equipped with the best wood cutting and producing machines that meet the exacted needs of clients demand.

We now compete with the very best in the market and, be rest assure to get the best with us always.

We trade on European wood, American wood and we are now in to Some African Wood as well (Doze, Tiger wood, Zingana, Opepe, Ecock rouge, Ecock Naga)

Sawn Timber

We work on all European and same foreign  species of timber from Larch, pine, spruce, Oak, beech, Birch., poplar, Douglas fir, birch, aspen, ash, hornbeam and alder, also African and American wood


From wooden waste, We manufacture: Barks, pellets, briquettes, sawdust briquette, Sawdust, shavings and firewood.

Wood Products

We can produce many varieties of  products like, broomstick, pallets, Pallet elements, Bed slats, Railway Sleepers etc. 


S4S Edged Lumber

Un-edged S2S Lumber

Railway Sleepers

Bed Slats Lumber

Hard & Softwood Timber supply

The wood we cut are 70% home grown and 30% of our wood  import are mainly from Europe, and slightly from Africa and American.

We import wood from this countries for export, we supply wood of all variety of sizes, shapes, and in different qualities, according to customer request.  Our Imported wood from Africa are mainly for the heavy industry  construction companies. we try at must to the meet all the requirements for every single order. A perfect supply is the preparation for the next,  You can find a variety of wood products such as pallets , wood elements, wood beams, wooden lumber in different sizes, and more. You will also find rough and Smooth surface lumber to your satisfaction and also unedged and unprocessed raw wood for  processing.

Our Processing plants

With over 3 different sawmill location in Ukraine


With the best new technology Machines now present, we can handle all order .


We are able to supply to every country in the world, depending on the destination of the client. by Land, Sea and Air.


We try to Make our price as competitive as possible, so as to better compete in the market,  we always make sure buyers get the best of quality at a very low price

We deal on a wide rage of wood variety, that are highly customised in different configurations, sizes, and qualities by the best system of selection to meet different clients needs. We can also provide and arrange transportation to anywhere in the world at a competitive price rage.