24. Pine wood Pallet Element

Pallet timber or elements for wooden pallets (pallet boards or components, bearers and blocks) and packaging timber is our main field.

We use hardwood and softwood. Main hardwood types we use are, Alder and Birch, Oak ,beech. Main softwood types what we use are Poplar, Spruce and Pine.


We supple all type of pallets elements from Hardwood to Softwood.

Fresh-cut; dried; heat-treated; with anti-mould treatment; chamferred boards,Smooth, Rough all

Pine, Spruce, Poplar, Birch, Alder, Oak, Beech etc.

• KD:                        12-18%, fresh
• Origin                    Ukraine
• Grade:                   A/B/C

Thickness: 16mm – 100mm

(Width) 75mm – 250mm

(Length) 1000mm –  6000mm

Other dimensions available at your request.

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  1. Anna Movok

    Excellent quality, you guys supply

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