12, Tongue and Groove OSB Sheets

The OSB panel (oriented strand board) is decorative high-tech product made from natural wood. The chip structure not only gives it its characteristic look, but also the exceptionally high level of bending strength. The OSB panel is made from long, narrow strips of wood that are arranged crosswise with two top layers and one middle layer.

It can be perfectly used universally and decoratively: as a building panel in shell construction, as a constructive element in wood construction, as wall or roof panelling in interior design or as a sub floor panel in the flooring area as well as the packaging industry.

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Format (mm) Thickness (mm) Number of boards
per pallet
Height of pallets (mm) Gross weight* (kg)



10 111 1115 1127,5
12 93 1113 1140,5
15 75 1116 1116,5
18 63 1113 1108
22 50 1150 1024



flat construction material for timber buildings;
load-bearing elements of structures of ceilings and roofs;
sandwich panels for walls and ceilings;
structures to strengthen the rigidity of internal and external walls;
bearing and upper surfaces of “floating” floors;
production of I-beams;
flat material for repairs and renovations;

carpentry and form work manufacturing;
material for “eternal” form work;
temporary fencing of construction sites, temporary closure of openings in buildings;
residential building superstructures;
household objects;
complexes of boxes for equipping construction sites.
Other application:
when equipping exhibition stands;
decorations, furniture elements, frames for upholstered furniture, door panels;
constructions of booths, stands, and podiums;
production of advertising panels;
manufacturing of containers, pallets, transport containers with high technical requirements;
storage facilities (racks, fences, etc.)

The main advantages of OSB  boards

high level of shape stability, uniformity and minimal volumetric changes;
very slight deviations in thickness;
exceptional values ​​of strength in bending, compression and tension, depending on the thickness of the material and the direction of orientation of the main and minor axes of the slab;
high resistance to wall crushing in places of holes and joints, high resistance to pulling out of connecting elements (nails, staples, etc.);
easy fixation with classic connecting elements;
availability of large slab formats and a wide range of different formats;
lend themselves well to processing with any woodworking tool, which makes their widespread use possible;


OSB  boards are mainly made from wood that comes from PEFC certified forests, which guarantees constant care for them;
we use 100% wood raw materials. Waste material that cannot be used for the production of OSB boards is used for production of chipboards, which makes it possible to use all the chips that were consumed in drying.Plus dust and bark are used as renewable fuel;
thanks to its own railway sidings, most of the wood is transported in freight wagons, which contributes to environmental protection ;

OSB boards are a building material, the manufacture of which does not require significant energy consumption, which leads to their savings, and also does not harm the environment;
unlike most building materials, wood is a renewable source of raw materials;
OSB boards are 100% recyclable.

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  1. Idaira

    I Bought Test Truck load OSB Sheet of this product and it arrive a week ago. Quality of the osb appears to be good and at a reasonable price in comparison to other companies

  2. Konrad Taube

    Ich habe zwei Container gekauft, ausgezeichnete Qualität und Service

  3. Abidin

    Sahypalar hiç wagt talap etmeýän ölçeglerime bölünip, maňa köp wagt we güýji tygşytlady.
    Iň ýokary hyzmat.

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