We are a sawmill and Manufacturing wood industries.

We handle different rage of wood products from Lumber to Sawdust, with years of experience in wood production and export , now we also Import wood for supply from Africa and the America. We work with dozens of factories across Ukraine and have the ability to provide you with a variety of wood materials, sizes, and qualities by selection. We can also arrange transportation to anywhere in the world at a competitive prices.

Our Processing plants

With over 3 different sawmill location in Ukraine


With the best new technology Machines now present, we can handle all order .


We are able to supply to every country in the world, depending on the direction of the order. by Land, Sea and Air.


We try to Make our price as competitive as possible, so as to better compete in the market,  we always make sure get the best of quality at a very low price


We offer you a wide range of soft and hardwood products in different shapes, sizes and quality. We basically work on clients specific order. for complex order, a picture or a drawing according to the required dimensions and the design should be send by the client, to ensure no mistake.

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Sawmill and Production sites

Timber-master  now works with many other local sawmill and wood production plants around Ukraine, to ensure fast and quality production. We have the ability to provide for you a wider range wood product with the help of our partners. And we can meet any dimension or specification as regards to wood supply.

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The movement, storage, and flow of goods, have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an integral part of value chains, both within and across international borders, It has down the delivery smoothness from end to end and sure delay with every supply, so time we will fail to meet up with the schedule delivery time or there will be changes with the delivery, not of our control, but we must follow, the authorities and Advice.


Now Market for wood, is more competitive than ever before, we now meet the highest quality standard at a very good price, with the pandemic, demand has dropped and prices as well with higher competition now and clients are at the benefit of it all.

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